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Stop dehumanizing old people by using the phrase “grey tsunami”

We have been warned, for years, of a so-called “grey tsunami” that is about to crash into our society...read more.

Well-Being and Aging: Understanding Our Beliefs and Experiences of Well-Being Across the Lifespan

Living a happy and satisfying life is among our most important personal goals...read more.

Lifespan Centre’s Senior Advisory Council

The Lifespan Centre at Brock University would like to invite local community members who are 60 years of age or over to apply to join a Seniors Advisory Council...read more.

Labour Force Participation of Seniors, 1946-2016

Like many other industrialized countries, the age structure of the Canadian population has changed dramatically in the last century...read more.

Experts gather in Ottawa to discuss mounting debt faced by seniors

Experts from around the world are gathering in Ottawa to discuss the rise of mounting debt faced by more and more seniors in Canada and abroad...read more.

Gilmore Lodge to expand on former mall property

$4.2-million relocation of a retirement home will brighten the future for Fort Erie’s aging population, local politicians said at an announcement...read more.

Seniors can get help to live their best lives

What does living your best life mean to you? If you’re like most people, it probably has a different meaning depending on what you value most...read more.

‘Shape your future’, McCallion tells age-friendly conference

Hazel McCallion is many things: the former mayor of Canada's sixth-largest city under whose tenure the formerly sleepy Toronto suburb nearly doubled in size...read more.

SENIORS: Vocabulary needs to reflect new world

It’s 2017 and our world is changing rapidly — including how we age. Let’s take a look at the facts that reflect that we are living in a new age and that we need to abandon many age-old beliefs...read more.

Acceptable, affordable housing key to healthy aging

As housing strategies continue to be tested across Ontario, it is encouraging to see communities driven by a common question: What is required to support quality of life...read more.