About Us

The Age-Friendly Niagara Council (AFNC) leads the collective work of hundreds of people who have an interest in an age-friendly Niagara. Through this work, older adults are empowered and making a difference in Niagara’s progress as a WHO (World Health Organization) Age-Friendly Community (AFC).

Click here to access the 2-page Age-Friendly Niagara brochure, “Niagara’s Empowered Older Adults – Envisioning a Community for All Ages

Click here to access the video, “Engaged and Empowered Older Adults in Niagara“. The video was initiated by the Age-Friendly Niagara Council. It was produced with the collaboration of the local municipal older adult advisory committees across Niagara, and the C.A.R.P. Niagara Chapter, with technical assistance from C.A.R.P. national.

Age-Friendly Niagara – Levels of Action

Levels of Action

Age-Friendly Niagara Council (AFNC) Board of Directors
Includes 15 volunteers who oversee and plan AFNC activities

Engaged Individuals
Includes a network of more than 500 people with an interest in an age-friendly Niagara

Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan (NASAP) Implementation
People working together to advance strategies based on NASAP goals:
1. Community Engagement and Communication
2. Recreation, Learning and Leisure
3. Improved Services, Systems and Infrastructure

Niagara Older Adult Alliance (NOAA)
An alliance representing more than 100 volunteers who serve on local municipal advisory committees across Niagara, to advocate for the interests of older people and age-friendly actions in their communities. The Alliance meets regularly to share information and align planning and action.