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New United Way funding to help Niagara seniors who have ‘fallen through the cracks’

Many seniors in the region struggle to pay for basic needs such as eyeglasses, walkers and hearing aids. But a new fund for the aging population is about to slightly change this scenario, said Tamara Coleman-Lawrie, United Way Niagara director of community impact.

Brock to help Pelham seniors get fit

The Town of Pelham is set to partner with Brock University to offer fitness programs for seniors age 55 and older. The Meridian Community Centre will act as a satellite site for the university. The program will be a six-month pilot project beginning in January, offering cardio, strength training and conditioning, as well as functional movements for everyday wellness.

City of Toronto launches anti-ageism campaign with fake ‘aging cream’ posters

The City of Toronto is working to combat ageism in the workplace with a new campaign, complete with fake “aging cream” posters. The campaign launched on Nov. 4 with posters placed throughout the city advertising a cream that would make people “look older.”

Hear Our Voice

June is Senior Citizens Month, a celebration and recognition of the contribution seniors make in our communities. They have a great deal to contribute to society in terms of expertise and life more.

Make your vote count

It is important we all vote. As seniors we need to participate in the Oct. 22, election and make our vote more.

It’s time to challenge ageism

Reality is that we are all aging from the day we are born. Yet ageism, unlike other “isms” like racism or sexism, is the last socially tolerable form of more.

The Fix

The Fix One Peel nursing home took a gamble [...]