Seniors knit the right fit for Start Me Up Niagara

by James Culic  Niagara This Week – Welland

A group of seniors from the Woodlands of Sunset long-term care home have been busy for the past few weeks, knitting up a pile of warm gloves, hats, and scarves to be donated to those in need. Pictured in front from left are, Howard Terry, Lynda Warren, Jim Fowler, Ed Minchin and Mary Martin; in back are Lindsay Goodship and Tara Schleich from Woodland, and Susan Venditti, director of Start Me Up Niagara. – James Culic/Torstar

Fuzzy purples scarves, bright red mitts, and soft yellow tuques were just some of the things knit at a Welland seniors home in support of Start Me Up Niagara.

Lindsay Goodship from the Woodlands of Sunset long-term care home got the idea after watching her grandma do some knitting. She decided to take the idea to the adult day program at Woodlands and encouraged the seniors to do some knitting for a good cause.

On Friday, the fruits of that labour, more than 50 warm and fuzzy knit items, were donated to the Start Me Up Niagara program. Start Me Up Niagara is an organization that works with individuals facing significant life challenges such as addiction, mental illness, poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

“We work with people who are having a bit of a tough time,” said Susan Venditti, Start Me Up Niagara director. “We’re like a family — a family that is maybe having some troubles — but still, a family.”

The items will be put to good use, said Venditti, who will be taking many brightly coloured scarves to the Westview Centre 4 Women.