Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan

The Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan is dedicated to advancing the vision of a “caring community that optimizes opportunities for overall well being to enhance quality of life as people age.” The Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan is a “living document” that serves as a template for planning by service agencies, different levels of government, businesses and the community at large.

Companion documents include:

Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan Toolkit
This toolkit consists of resources and publications designed to support the Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan: Booklet (2015).

Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan Implementation Template
This implementation template identifies over 100 actions to execute the strategies and will help in marshalling existing assets, ensuring coordination of efforts in the implementation of action plans and monitoring progress over time.

Niagara Aging Strategy and Action Plan Project Report
This document summarizes the input from over 500 individuals to:

  • Validate needs of older adults that are currently being perceived by older adults, advocacy groups, service providers and others
  • Identify new or emerging needs of older adults, as the population and society changes
  • Provide insights into existing and emerging needs that will help communities and organizations within communities to become more age-friendly and advance to achieve the world-class age-friendly community characteristics of the World Health Organization